Wednesday, October 12, 2011


  • There is something about these Costa Rican cold bugs...they knock me out completely!  I have been in bed for 24 hours now...and by in bed, I really mean in bed.  I never did that back in MI.  Ever.  But here, just about every time I have a cold that's what happens.
  • Noah came home from PriceSmart (think Costco) tonight with not only a Supreme Pizza, but 3 pumpkins.  Yes, three real, round, orange, lovely fall pumpkins.  And yep, they are imported from the US.  But they are lovely and Forrest keeps asking when we are going to have pumpkin pie.  And he did say something about carving them like last year in the Dinning Hall.
  • We not only have plane tickets to Michigan for the entire month of December, but a pastor we know has a car that we can borrow for our time!  You don't know what a relief that is for us!  Seriously, we have been praying about how to make this trip work, because while we have free domestic tickets from this mess the tickets from Costa Rica to the States were quite pricey, like close to $400 each.  Yikes!  So we watched and waited and prayed, and a couple of weeks ago we found tickets for $170 each!!  Yeah, that's like $200 less than what we were planning!  And because we are going to be traveling all over the state, we needed a vehicle.  Again, we kept praying and asking around, and sure enough, God provided!  Can you tell I am excited about this trip?  Yeah, and yeah, we will be praying there will be snow while we are there!
  • The rainy season has finally hit with a vengeance!  It's been pouring for about three days now.  Someone asked me if that is a good or bad thing.  Sorta both.  It's nice and cozy with all the rain, it's cooler, like you want to wear jeans and a hoodie, but it also makes some things more difficult.  Like you know, drying clothes and walking places.

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    1. Oh dear! Rainy season is from June-Oct here (ish) and we only have a line outside. It is good to hang one up underneath the cover of a lamina roof or something - if you have that option. Thankfully the family I rent from has a dryer. Those are amazing ticket prices - from Mexico City to Dallas it is $600 (cheap) for a round trip (and $80 round trip just to get to and from Mexico City). I hope you have a wonderful time in Michigan - I miss Uncle John's Cider was I craving cider and cake donuts the other day *sigh*. I saw what looked like a carved pumpkin today too - which is not too common around here and made me think that maybe they are foreigners. Anyway, I hope you feel better soon (I think the stress of living in a different environment is what makes colds so much harder...I go through a similar experience of not wanting to get out of bed - but then that is also my default mode...) Feel better soon! Ãpril


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