Sunday, August 7, 2011


So, are you tired of seeing my laundry yet?  At least it's clean.  I told you I like just looking at it hanging on the the lines.

And remember when Noah put all those lines up for me?  Inside even?  Well, then we discovered another challenge in doing laundry in the tropics.  Stuff doesn't dry.  And by "doesn't" I really do mean "doesn't".  It can be on the lines for 4 days and still be damp, and by that time, well, it's also getting mildewy.

See, we are in the throws of raining season, with higher humidity, and times without any sun.  And those two things don't help clothes dry well.  Sometimes, if you aren't careful your clothes will seem dry, and you have something other to do than take them down right at that moment and you'll come back 2 hours later and the clothes will be wet again.  Yeah, they just sucked moisture out of the air.

So, in an attempt to get our clothes drier faster, we bought a couple of fans from another family that is finishing language school this week.  We tried them on their stands this week, but our lines are kinda high, and well, it just wasn't working.

So today, I brain stormed a bit.  See, this particular fans won't tilt upwards.  But, the fan part did come off the stand very easily.  And as I looked around the laundry room, I spotted it.  A round laundry basket.  Well, wouldn't you know, it was perfect for holding the fan so that the wind would go right up to the clothes!  And because the basket is tall enough for the motor part to not touch the ground and because there is all sorts of ventilation around the motor, I feel pretty confident in this solution.

And can I tell you, that even on this rainy, humid, cloudy day, my clothes are almost dry?  Now, the jury is out on if this will cost less than the dryer, which I am pretty sure it will, but wow, it's nice to know the clothes are dry within one day!

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  1. Oh, it is WAY cheaper... I do this in reverse here... using the ceiling fan.


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