Saturday, July 2, 2011


So, we had sort of a large electric bill this month.  And by sorta I mean more than what we had budgeted for our entire utilities.  Come to find out, it's the dryer.  No, nothing is wrong with the dryer, it's just they are so very expensive to run here.  There is a reason most Ticos don't have one, or if they do, they only use it when it's really, really wet.

So, we set about remedying the problem.  We have an amazing laundry room that had three clothes lines to begin with.  However, the diapers filled those right up.  So we bought enough line for two more lines.  Noah installed them, we ran some laundry, put it up on the lines and realized that we still needed more.

Today, I trekked out to the Feria and to Pali (think Aldi or Savealot) and bought enough line for four more clothes lines.  But then I needed hooks.  So after running into an acquaintance at the Feria, I managed to find the hardware store close to our house, and ask in Spanish for hooks and spacers!  It's a far cry from where I was eight weeks ago.  And yes, I knew the word for hook from memory!

Noah promptly installed the four additional lines, bringing our grand total up to nine.  I think that should suffice.  Maybe.  Oh and we have one of those octopusy sort of things to hang small stuff on.

I find myself returning to the laundry room just to look at the clothes hanging up.  I wish we had some lines outside, but we really don't have any place to put them and it being the rainy season right now, it wouldn't do much good anyway.  But in Honduras I have grand plans for clothes lines semi inside and outside.

And for now, I am thankful I have a huge laundry room to house 9 lines.  Thank you God!

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