Sunday, July 3, 2011

In Preparation

Tomorrow is the Birthday of the United States of America.  Just in case you didn't know that.  Ha!  Well, we now being expats toyed around with the idea of attending the American Colony party on the other side of town.  And then we realized it would cost close to $50 just to get there and back in a taxi.  The bus ride there was doable, but the ride home would be after dark and probably not the safest. 

And then we got an email from school, and there is a party planned there.  So, we went with that option.  One of the great things about it getting dark at 6:00 each night (well, there are a lot of great things about that, like it's dark and the kids go to bed a bit easier) is that we can do fire works and still have a semi normal bed time!

So today, I made potato salad, and a new thing, Fireworks Cookies.  I need a bit more practice, and I think next time I would make them all big, because it's easier to work the design.  But overall I like them! 

So enjoy your campfires, and pools, and lakes, and fireworks, and grills and hot dogs tomorrow.  And know that we are doing some of the same!


  1. Nice job on the cookies! I saw those in a magazine and thought they would be interesting to try. Enjoy your celebration!

  2. Nice work with the cookies :)


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