Monday, June 27, 2011

The First Best Thing

So the day we moved from Barakel, Forrest didn't love the idea of leaving.  When he woke up that morning, the first thing he said was, "We need to unpack everything and stay at Camp Barakel forever!"  But as he thought a bit more, he said, "But we are going to Costa Rica and Honduras, and it's always warm there!"

The week before we moved from Grand Rapids to Costa Rica it snowed.  That was the morning of the double ear infections and as we were driving to the doctor's office, Forrest looked around at the snow on the buildings and said, "We need to go back to Florida because it's always warm there!"

And now we are here.  And it is always warm.  I asked Forrest a couple of weeks ago what the best part of living here was and he said, "The first best thing is that it's always warm!" 

And we are taking full advantage of that.  Yesterday I bought the kids a pool.  I found one for about $12 USD and thought we could get our money out that during this year here.  And they LOVE it!

And while we know this is only for a short time (since they breed mosquito and in Honduras there are more scary mosquito borne illnesses like Dengue Fever, they really aren't something you can have around), we are certainly loving it right now!


  1. ratas de agua like their Dad and Mom.

  2. Oh that does look fun! Could you keep it if you dumped it out every night so the mosquitos couldn't breed?

  3. I was thinking what Jenney said too, maybe the plants could get watered every night?


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