Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Last Couple of Days

Well.  I am finally to a point where I can sit down at the computer again and write to you all.  What a crazy week and a half!  You saw the insane amount of tubs and packing that we did all last week.  I think Noah and I put in 12 or 14 hour days packing every day last week.  And I was a bit fearful that we wouldn't get it all done in time.  But we did.  With the help of a lot of people!  Friends watched out kids, brought us dinner, and on Friday, they came in like a huge pack, errr, herd, err swarm of Parana and picked the bones of the house clean of our stuff in an hour and a half!  The truck was loaded and we were on our way by about 11!  Amazing!

The boys took turns riding with Noah in the moving van and the whole trip was quite peaceful.  The further south we got the less snow there was.  Friday night we stayed at my parents'.  Saturday morning a work team from our sending church came and unloaded the truck and then loaded our storage trailer.  Again in an hour and a half! And everything fit in the trailer!  That is now small feat, a 4 bedroom house with garage was condensed down to a 20 foot trailer!

Then we hauled the stuff we are using now and what is coming to Costa Rica with us to our new apartment in Grand Rapids.  We are living in the upstairs apartment of a two family house that my sister and brother in law rent.  It's a sweet little place.  In some ways reminds me of our house in Holland. 

It's got character.  Glass door knobs, funky old windows, cupboard doors that don't completely shut.  I love it!  My sister had it all decorated which was such a blessing for me.  We have a lot of the same aesthetic and it's just nice to be in a homey place for this next month.

It's tiny, just one bedroom, but we are making it work.  And it's just for a month.  We at at 77% now!  Which means that we just need $774 more monthly dollars to get to language school!  And by faith we bought our plane tickets last week.  Crazy!

So there you have it.  Our move and our new apartment.  Home for the next month.


  1. so so excited for you guys! glad you are settled in and feeling homey for the next month!

  2. What a blessing to have a nice little place to end your time in the states....and right above family! This next month will be CRAZY, too, but try to enjoy every minute of it....



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