Monday, April 18, 2011

Sick And Snow

Well, last night made the "Possibly the Worst Night Ever" list.  Both boys were up about every hour, and of course they didn't coordinate their efforts.  I was pretty certain Forrest had an ear infection.  He's pretty good about telling us now that his ear hurts.  And poor kid, all night he would ask to go to the doctor.  Breaks your heart!  This is what they did as soon as they got up this morning.  Both were whimpering the whole time.

Elliot has had a fever for a couple of days now, and snot has been pouring out of the kid.  I figured it was a virus, nothing the doctor could do for him, but with our moving date a week away, I thought we might as well bring him in this morning too.  And good thing!  Both boys have really bad ear infections. 

So we now have 4 bottles of antibiotics in our fridge and a couple of new DVDs in our possession. 

I am just so very thankful this happened this weekend instead of next!  I have no idea what we would have done then!  Thank you LORD!

And to just add to the crumminess of today, this snow is so ridiculous!  Forrest said to me on the way to the doctor, "I want to go back to Florida!"  Remember our vacation?  I asked him why, and his response was, "It doesn't snow there!"  Yep!

So the rest of today is watching Curious George and Sid the Science Kid and getting everyone feeling better and rested!


  1. poor kiddos. hope everyone feels better soon. praying for you this week, friend!


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