Monday, April 18, 2011

Because I Need to See Green

Oh My!  This is so very lovely!  I love every green leaf of this!  And on this day that is so full of snow and ear infections and grey, this perked me right up!  Do you think I can get my hand on a pallet in Honduras?  Or maybe all I need is some boards and landscaping they sell landscaping fabric in Honduras?  Oh the questions!

Anyway, love it, and now it's logged in my "notebook of ideas". 


  1. The question they sell it in CR and can you easily transport from there to Honduras! :)

    Hang in there mama. I'd call you for a pep talk, but my sick kids in the background would be no consolation.

    Feeling your pain.

  2. that is really pretty...and neat!

    hope the sicknesses pass quickly!


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