Saturday, April 16, 2011

Zip Codes

So, I never expected this to be a problem.  I don't know why I didn't.  Really, it does make sense if you think about it.  But I don't really have a zip code.  Which poses awkward moments.

Like when you go to the doctor's office and they want to know your address.  Right.  Not really sure what to tell you folks.  Do you want where I am living for the next seven days?  How about where my mail goes?  If you want my mailing address to where I will be for the next year, well they don't use zip codes in Costa Rica.  And all I know about my physical address for Costa Rica is that it's in the San Francisco neighborhood of San Jose.  Pretty sure the receptionist doesn't want that whole speal. 

And here is a question, why do stores need your zip code?  I was shopping with a friend of mine two weeks ago at a bigger mall, looking for dresses, and at every store they asked for my zip code.  I just would stare at them, and not know what to do. It was three days after I had moved to where we are currently living.  And of course, they would stare right back at me like, "you a grown woman, why don't you know your own zip code?"  My dear friend stepped right in and gave hers instead.

I even managed to lock the keys in the van in Grayling of all places because I was looking for a zip code.  We needed our "permanent address", which is really just where our mail is getting sent to in the states, so we could close our bank account.  The lady asked us if there was anything they could do to keep our business and we just laughed.  This credit union is in 6 places in northeastern lower Michigan.  Nope, sorry, unless you open a branch office in San Jose.  Anyway, I was too busy worrying about the address and totally shut the door with the keys laying on the ground.  Lovely.  All because of a zip code.


  1. Blast. The life of a nomad... and, following God's call, of course.

  2. hahaha, so very true. Here's your new street address. I'm not kidding.

    San Francisco de Dos Rios, Farmacia La Pacifica, 800 metros este, 50 metros sur.

  3. Awesome Monica! Thanks so much! Can't wait to meet you in a little over a week!

  4. Oh Liz - it'll all be worth it in just a week's time. *Sniff* I'm starting to miss you already. :)

  5. Oh heavens. What a mess. Kinda funny. But what a headache for you!


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