Monday, August 8, 2011


 I have been struck with Elliot lately.  He seems so much bigger than his two and half years right now, and then there are moments, like the other night when I went to check on him were his movements were identical to what they were when he was 3 days old.   I don't remember feeling this in between stage so much with Forrest.  Maybe because when Forrest was this age, Elliot was 6 months old.

Elliot has such a sweet little personality.  I feel like he is coming into himself more and more.  He is talking up a storm, both in English and Spanish and yet there are times when his words fail him.  Like tonight.  For the life of us, we couldn't figure out what he was saying, which resulted lots of tears.  But then brother translated and life was good again.

He is constantly trying to figure things out.  Watching how things work, putting Legos or train tracks together, taking them apart. 

He is also a little worker bee when he wants to be.  He asked me the other day if he could use the vacuum.  Now, this child hasn't seen a vacuum in over 4 months.  He meant the broom.  He wanted to sweep.  Sure thing kiddo!  He always wants to help carry bags in from the taxi, to help flag a taxi down, to open the gates. 

Love you Ellie Whit!  Can't wait to see what God does with you!


  1. how precious!! isn't it fun/neat when siblings translate...i love that! elliot sounds like a great kid...he's a cutie for sure!

  2. We showed a picture of you guys at church to my 4's and 5's class Sunday. We were learning about Paul the missionary and I shared that you guys are missionaries. My little ones were interested to see kids close to their age who are missionaries. What a great learning experience for them!

  3. Time flies so fast, sometimes you wont even notice that kids are already grown up.


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