Saturday, October 15, 2011

Noah's Wife

So I caught a glimpse into Noah's wife's life the other day. How is that for ironic!?

But really, I am talking about Noah, the guy with the big ark, the one who found favor in the eyes of the Lord.  Yeah.  Her.

I was reading Elliot the Peter Spier version of Noah's Ark, well, reading maybe is a loose term because there are something like 2 sentences in the whole book.  But there are captivating illustrations.  And Elliot is enamored by them right now.

Anyway, we came across this illustration

Yeah, do you see her?  Hanging up laundry on top of the ark?  And how do you think that worked out once the rain began?

It's been raining here, and I mean raining, like buckets of rain.  Our clothes have been hanging on our indoor line for 2 1/2 days with the fans on them full blast and they are still soaking wet.  And I thought of Mrs. Noah again.  Yeah, after 40 days and 40 nights of rain...nothing was getting dry anywhere in that stinky old ark!

Anyway, this Mrs. Noah is am grateful for a dryer so that in a pinch we can get our clothes dry!


  1. I love it, Mrs Noah! :) God is good - even when it is rainy... huh! Love you guys!

  2. hi guyz pardon my presence.....but if noahs wife made it through you will make it through too

  3. I've heard that cloth diapering in South America is really really hard because of all the rain and the humidity...people can't line dry their diapers. I'm thankful for our dryer in a pinch too!

  4. Oh I love this Liz. My dryer is broken, and... I love how the birds are just watching to see if this is all going to work out. I also have my fan going, and it has been raining buckets here, but my cloths are getting dry.


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