Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our Taxi Ride

Yesterday we took a taxi to and from school because we had another flat tire.  It's been a while since our last one, which is lovely, but this one took use by complete surprise.  Noah went out to start unlocking the gate and realized the back tire was flat as could be.  And there wasn't time to fix it before we needed to leave.

So.  That meant a taxi...which is a treat.  The boys loved it, we got to school a bit early and the best part?  We got home from school a bit early!

As we waited on the corner for a taxi on the way home, the one we got had music blaring from it.  Not unusual at all.  But all of a sudden I started catching the words  "Él es el Rey, Él es el Rey, Él es el Rey de mi vida"(He is the King, He is the King, He is the King of my life)

This guy had it cranked and not only that, but he was singing at the top of his lungs too.  The whole ride home.  It was so nice on so many levels.  First, I understood the song.  Second, I was glad I understood the song.  Third this guy was unashamed to sing at the top of his lungs that Jesus is the King of his life.

As we were almost home, the next song came on, this one

As we got out of the cab, Forrest looked at me and said, "Mommy, I think we sang this song when we were in Honduras at the dinning hall."

My goodness!  Not only does he remember the song, but the place we sang it in!  And then he got to hear it in normal everyday taxi riding life.

I was glad for the opportunity for my kids to see someone so unashamed at proclaiming Jesus is the King of his life.

And just in case you haven't spent the last 6 months (oh my goodness, how did that happen?) in language school, here is a rough translating of two songs.  And no, I didn't use Google Translate for these!

Él es el Rey
He is the King who is infinite in power
He is the King of the Heavens
I will be His faithful servant
My life was bought with your love
I confess with my being He is King
He is the King of the ages
I surrender my life at his feet
He is the King of my Heart
He is the King
He is the King
He is the King of my life
He is the King 
He is the King who reigns with authority
His Kingdom is everlasting, His throne is in the Heavens
He is the King who comes to his people to take

Eres Todo Poderoso
The only reason for my adoration
Is you my Jesus
My only motive for living
Is you my Lord
My only truth is in You
You are my light and my salvation
My only love is you Lord
And forever I will worship you

You are all powerful
You are grand and majestic
You are strong and invincible
And there is no one like You.

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  1. Oh Liz, my heart is so warmed by this story. I am so glad and thankful for this. Thank you for sharing. Prayers are being answered!!


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