Monday, August 29, 2011

Staff Fellowship

While we were at Manatial de Vida, we got to be a part of the weekly staff  meal and Bible study.  Sound familiar?  Yeah, while we were on staff at Barakel, we would get together every Wednesday at 11 am for Bible Study and then eat lunch together.  At Manantial, they do it on Monday evening.

All the women met together to cook the meal, which was tajadas con carne. It's fried plantains, with shredded cabbage, ground hamburger and a tomato based sauce.  Yum!  

While the food was cooking, the staff kids were running around the dinning hall playing tag of sorts.  There are 2 Honduran staff families.  Each family has one or two young teens and then a toddler, which is such a great dynamic because the Williamsons have young teens and we have preschoolers!  I never did get a photo of our boys with Daniel and Fernando, who are almost 2 and 1.  Forrest and Elliot were very taken with Fernando.  Forrest even called him Fernandito (a term of endearment).  What a blessing to have two Honduran buddies right around my boys' ages!

After dinner, we sang and then opened the Bible and read about the life of Joseph.  And just in case you forgot, all of this was in Spanish.  We were able to follow almost all of what was said and add to the discussion in Spanish, which was exciting for us.  Our boys enjoyed the singing and they are starting to recognize some of the worship songs we sing in Spanish.

We are so thankful for Leonel and Marlen and Polo and Marlen (yes, the women have the same name.)  They do so much around camp and it was great getting to know them some this week.  Can't wait until they are our vecinos!


  1. this makes me smile. how exciting!!

    and i have been subbing in the high school sunday school class at my church and we have been studying the life of joseph.


  2. How fun to be able to see where you are going to be (and love it!). The camp looks great! Glad the boys are doing well and that everyone's Spanish is coming along nicely!


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