Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Trip to the City

One of our goals for our time in Honduras was to check out household goods.  You know, things like beds, appliances, everything you need in a house.  While there are some things that we love and work well for our family and we can bring them with us, there is a whole lot that we need to buy there.

We were able to buy bits and pieces from another missionary that has left the country, which was huge!  We now have a gas stove, two twin mattresses, some miscellaneous kitchen stuff and some wire cubes.  We bought a big Rubbermaid tub and put everything in there.  We now officially have possessions in three countries scattered all over the hemisphere.  Weird I tell you.

So back to the whole going to the city.  San Pedro Sula is the second largest city in Honduras.  While there are many many many cars, there are also many horse drawn carts throughout the city.  It certainly is a third world city.  Not many tall buildings and poverty everywhere.  And at the same time, many north American restaurants. There is such a drastic difference between those that have money and those that don't.  There isn't much of a middle class in Honduras.

We headed to the city on Saturday morning.  And this time, Elliot didn't get sick!  In fact, on the way, he said, "Hey, I not puking!"  Oh, and I did I mention that Noah drove the whole way in our truck?  Yeah, we have a truck now in Honduras too.  Again I say weird!

We went around town checking on prices of big appliances, dishes, towels, pillows, all sorts of things.  And I was relieved to discover that a lot of what we need and want can be bought in Honduras.  Many times it's more than what we would pay in the US, but when you factor in the cost of extra baggage, many times it's still cheaper to get in country. 

After we did some research shopping, we headed to a missionary family's house to stay the night.  We were going to go to PIER on Sunday (the church that owns camp).  What a kind family to let us stay.

Sunday we went to church and were introduced to the congregation.  And Noah did a stellar job of speaking before the whole body in Spanish, explaining how excited we were to come and serve them.  He was in total programer mode, even got the crowd laughing!

After church, Pastor Daniel invited us to brunch which we enjoyed very much.  It was good just to spend some time with him and get to know his family.   At the end of brunch, he invited us and the Williamsons to join his family in Tela on the Caribbean coast the next day to play in the pool and enjoy the beach!  Wow!

We spent that night with another missionary couple who has spend almost 40 years in Mexico and Honduras.  What fun to sit and listen to them share about their years of experience.

Monday we woke up, and hit the road again, this time further north to the playa...

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  1. those wooden beams remind me of camp. pulled into barakel on sunday as we were heading home from alpena. made me miss you and sarah both. i called bow, but they weren't home. loving hearing about all your adventures as the Lord prepares you for Honduras.


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