Thursday, October 28, 2010

Potluck and Pumpkins

Last night was a staff potluck.  Which is always fun.  Kids running everywhere, people bringing different food, and just time to be together without the reason of work.  What a fun community we live and work with!

The evening also included pumpkin carving.  The last time we did that as a staff, I was two weeks from delivering Elliot.  And Forrest was oh so little!

This time, both boys attacked the pumpkins with gusto, and then Forrest quickly decided he didn't like the way the pumpkin guts felt.  He let me clean his out.  But then he attacked his with a butter knife.  His sorta has freckles all over it now.

 Yes, Elliot clapped and jumped and was shoulder deep into his pumpkin the whole night.  Funny how the smaller pumpkin worked great for Forrest, he could manipulate it and do what he wanted to by himself, and the huge pumpkin worked great for Elliot because it was sturdy and big enough for him.

At about the point where the kids stopped being interested in the pumpkins and where the parents had to take over and carve the pumpkins (that was funny, looking around seeing all the adults working on the pumpkins and the kids just sorta sitting there because they were bored with the process) Dave got out a huge wash tub and started bobbing for apples.  I can't remember the last time I did that, 8th grade maybe?  Anyway, that interested the kids for a really long time.

Elliot was a bit too short for the game, but he tried and tried and tried all night, which looked like this

When all was said and done, we walked away with a freckled, smiley pumpkin and an owl pumpkin.  Noah was so excited that he got to carve Elliot's!

And when we got home the boys were in love with the magic of candles inside pumpkins.  So much so they asked for them to glow again this morning.


  1. How fun! I love the picture of Elliot bobbing for apples - too cute!

  2. Owl Pumpkin = way cool.
    And I love the picture of Elliot "bobbing for apples". That is just a keeper.
    I know your lives there are not easy or glam...but it sure looks like fun :o)


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