Saturday, December 4, 2010

Erinn's Favorite Post

So this one is just for you Erinn.  And really anyone else who wants to read it.  But I want you to know that I remembered this was your favorite post!

So it's the first weekend in December which means.....dudududahhhhhh (that was suppose to sound like the announcing song you sing, but it doesn't really translate into written form very well.  Anyway)  The VIP Hardware Sale!  For those of you just joining us, check out this and this to get a full explanation of this amazing event!

As you can see from all the traffic, this is a big night here in Fairview.  This year was quite a thrill because for the first time, our family won one of the door prizes! Forrest got a brand new interchangeable screw driver!  At first he was a bit skeptical.  Why do I need this?  Why would I want this? 

But soon he warmed up to the idea and wouldn't let any one take it away from him!

Of course, there were the normal goodies, which the boys enjoyed sitting at the service counter.

There was also beef brisket in the wood stove room.  Which was by far Elliot's favorite part of the event.  The room, not the brisket.  He has a thing for fireplaces now.  Everywhere we go, he points them out and tell us about them. So a whole room full of wood stoves and fireplaces, well, let's just say he was quite excited!

Another highlight this year, (Come on, people, quit laughing at me!  You don't realize how big of a deal this is until you have experienced it!  Really!)  was the high school choir came to perform Christmas Carols amongst the shovels and windshield wiper fluid.  And yes, for those of you know know him, that is Kevin Salsbury. 

Our big purchases of the night (come on, 20% off everything!) were two door stoppers for a project Noah is working on (Hillbilly Wheel of Fortune) and these cute little guys, that are tucked in the diaper bag for when they are needed to help ease the boredom of two kids while we talk with people about Honduras this next week.

Sorta reminds me of the 10 point buck we got Forrest our first year.  And please don't ask why the Hardware sells hunting action figures.  They just do.

What a good last VIP Sale for us.  We went out with a bang!  A door prize and all.  Maybe next year when we are in Costa Rica, we should have someone bring their laptop to the sale and Skype us so we can be part of it. 


  1. hillbilly wheel of fortune sounds AWESOME!!

  2. Can't wait to see more about HIllbilly Wheel of Fortune!
    LOVE the hardware sale. That is so my thing. We wanted to move so badly to Cedarville (it makes Fairview looks like a major city) when we needed a new house, but we couldn't afford to live there. I love love love smalltown life.

  3. I have been waiting all year for this!! I'm just sorry it took me a few days to see it! (something about a newborn keeping me off the computer) LOVE this big event! What will I do when you are in Honduras? Hillbilly Wheel of Fortune, life can NOT get any better than that!

  4. Oh, I am sure I will have all sorts of interesting small village life to share Erinn! And I can't imagine what in the world a newborn could do to keep you off the computer! HA!!


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