Friday, February 27, 2009

Hunter Dan

My son has a thing for antlered animals...elk, deer, antelope, moose. At 18 months, he could I.D. all of them around camp...the taxidermied kind.

Anyway, at Christmas party at the hardware in Fairview, we found they carried a line of toys called Hunter Dan. And one of those action figures was a white tailed deer. Now days, the deer winds up in the school bus, or talking with Little People, but at one point, he had a majestic future. This is what the back of his carton said.

"Join Hunter Dan as he pursues an awesome 10 point buck that he has seen many times over the years in the swamps and thickets surrounding an abandoned wooden bridge near his hunting cabin. Few hunters have ever caught a glimpse of the "Wooden Bridge 20" as he is now well known. Possessing finely tuned tracking skills and an intimate knowledge of the area, Hunter Dan is ready for an encounter with the elusive buck. You can help guide Hunter Dan as he waits for old "Wooden Bridge 10" in his favorite treestand location you select. Hunter Dan encourages all of his Huntin' buddies to attend an approved hunter education course before actually going afield. Play it safe with Hunter Dan."

Hunter Dan even has a website...check it out

What will they think of next!


  1. That is so comical! I love it!

    We are more into bugs around here.

  2. So funny!
    I wish Little James had Hunter Dan when he was little. He loves all that stuff.
    Maybe the next time I'm up that way I'll have to check out the Fairview hardware for some Christmas presents!


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