Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Coffee House

It has pretty decent coffee, sweet and creamy just like I like it. Great Jazz, a pretty decent internet connection, the perfect lighting, and they just started getting one of my favorite magazines...

Sometimes the other patrons are a bit rude, screaming at the top of their lungs or throwing things, even drooling at time, but really, that is to be expected. And it is forgivable because they are so stinking cute!


  1. he's getting so big! :) i was trying to get a picture like that the other day, but well.. levi isn't real great at holding his head up yet.. and coffee. mmmmm. speaking of coffee, i think i'll go grab a cup myself. :)

  2. i think i need a coffee corner! :)

  3. Love this, what a clever post! :)

  4. This was a great read. I think I would pay to go to your coffee house if the other patrons are as cute as your little bug. Elliot is getting so big!

  5. hahhaaaa! That is hilarious! I was so proud of myself for giving up coffee -- I quit caffeine cold-turkey (side note: where does that phrase come from? Eew!) for 6 months or so, until we went to India and chai tea was ubiquitous -- but now with children in the house (I'll post about that soon) I find I am once again enamored with the sweet, sweet source of energy. Ahhhh... (contented sigh as I sip)

  6. Just so you all know, I only drink decaf because for almost the last 3 years now I have been pregnant or nursing...

    Erin, I looked up Cold Turkey in the Online Etymology Dictionary and this is what it said, ""without preparation," 1910; narrower sense of "withdrawal from an addictive substance" (originally heroin) first recorded 1921. Cold turkey is a food that requires little preparation, so "to quit like cold turkey" is to do so suddenly and without preparation."
    So there you go...that's where Cold turkey came from.:)


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