Saturday, December 6, 2008

The News

"Well, it's been a quiet week here in Lake Wobegon."

I need to come up with my own tag line like Garrison Kellier.

"It's been a quiet week here in Fairview"?

Ummm too close...probably falls into the plagiarism category.

"Not much is new here in the thriving metropolis of Fairview."

You know, that has potential...

Anyway, I digress and I haven't even started my story yet. So,

"Not much is new here in Fairview." Last night was the annual VIP sale at the hardware store. This is something between a sale event, a party, and the coffee hour at church. Everyone in town came out to attend. Lee Brown came ready with his list he has been writing for weeks to save 20% on his purchases. His wife Petie won a door prize, a Glade scented candle.

The Linsleys were there as well, minus one. Apparently Josiah, at 21 months old loves the hardware store so much they didn't think they could contain his excitment at the sale. So it was just Jeremy, Kerri, and Tylee. Tylee won a door prize also, a cast iron pig bank. Quite the prize for a four year old.

The hardware tried something new this year. Instead of just little Christmas goodies and punch, they cooked a whole turkey and had one of the employees carve it for the guests/shoppers. Quite impressive.

This was our first year going. Last year people asked if we would be attending and we were a bit confused. We didn't realize it was such a big deal. So, we decided to do it up right, and hit the coffee shop for dinner before hand.

For those of you who have been with us a while, you'll remember that the coffee shop was under construction most of last winter due to a SUV running through the side of building and killing 2 people. They have since reopened, after fixing the wall and remoldeing the place. Forrest had grilled cheese, Noah a BLT, and I had a gyro (not sure how athentic it was, but it wasn't half bad)

One of the funniest moments of the night was a little old lady came up to me at the end of an isle and said "I don't know you. Are you new in town?" So funny! She never did introduce herself other than, "I am John Esch's mom." Fortunatley I did know who John was, we go to church with him.

That's the news here. Make sure to use your discount coupon from the sale last night at the Bargin Barn or Family Bookshelf before Christmas Eve, and bundle up, it's going to be a cold one, eh.


  1. So funny!! I'd say only in Fairview, but I did my time in Mayville....same story, different town.

  2. too hilarious! but strangey, i'm not surprised! and i could totally see Lee getting all giddy with excitement! :)

  3. yeah for small town excitement! :)


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