Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight

Last night was the second largest social event of the year here in Fairview. The first being the Northern Michigan Relief Sale. But this is an entirely different beast. This, my friends, is the VIP sale at Fairview Hardware!

The whole town turns out. No, really, I am not kidding. This year, we decided it would be good time to take just Forrest out. He has been needing some concentrated mama daddy time. What better opportunity than the "store party" as he calls it.

He was able to indulge in cookies, punch, and popcorn. No turkey this year, but they had grilled pizza in the fire place room!

At least half of Barakel staff was there. Alex Boeve dropped a six point this season. For that he was rewarded with a muliti ply pocket tool from the hardware. I think there was something about a contest in town for the biggest buck.

Noami Gardner won some gardening gloves and Paul managed to walk away with a free screwdriver with interchanging bits. Quite impressive!

This year we needed to exchange our propane tank for the grill. Yes, we grill all winter long. And we walked away with a Christmas tree. I have been lobbying for another Christmas tree hunt, but Noah seems to want a tree that looks like a Christmas tree. And they don't grow those in Huron National Forrest. So, we found a nice, normal looking thing that Habitat was selling. Forrest enjoyed taking the tree tape up to the cashier.

All in all it was a good "store party." We were able to catch up with some people, spend some time with just Forrest, and have a good laugh at this itty bitty place called Fairview.


  1. That's great! It's like you're in that tv show Northern Exposure. Remember that?
    (I'm kinda jealous of those pretty gardening gloves.)


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