Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's Here

Forrest stood by the window all morning just watching the flakes slowly dance their way down.  I stepped outside for a minute and that soft winter quiet hung so wondefully in the air. It's here.  And my guess it's here to stay.  Which is good.  Ice needs to be made for broomball, hockey, and skating rinks.  And as long as you are in the North, you might as well have snow for Christmas. 

It is rather lovely.  Now.  Ask me again in March, and you will get a completely different answer.



  1. I'm jealous. I like snow in December. So festive!
    Enjoy it and enjoy that quiet that comes with snow. I love that.

  2. It occurred to me today that this will be the first winter that Anne recognizes snow. Her first words at the site of it were ...

    What's that mommy?

    Oh I love her curiosity!

  3. We have a dusting this morning down here as well. I doubt it's here to stay, however. And I agree with you--yay for a white Christmas, boo for a white (or rather, dingy grey) March.

  4. very pretty.

    we finally got a very light dusting of snow last night..

  5. I can't wait to see it outside my window!!!! I may or may not already be tired of locating hats and mittens :o)


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