Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Open Letters

Dear Printer,

You really aren't helpful.  I need you to work, and work every time without question.  With you it is hit or miss.  This can't continue.  Straighten up and fly right, or we are done.

Someone who needs a printer that works

Dear USPS,

I really appreciate what you do.  That whole "neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor dark of night," thing is really great.  I have just one issue.  Why, oh why do you keep raising stamp prices?  It really is a pain.  I know I can buy one cent stamps and all, but really, every year folks?  Let's work on that this year, ummk?  We really don't want anyone going postal now do we?

A disgruntled USPS user

You didn't think I would show you what it was, did you?

Dear Christmas Cards,

How about trying something new this write and address and stamp and mail yourselves?  I think this sounds like a grand plan!  Have at it friends, all 450 of you!

Cramped hand

**Update to the hunt for cheap photo prints.  Winkflash has a deal, 100 prints for four cents each.  Use the code 4CENTS.  I was able to order all of our prints in batches that way.


  1. GREAT tip for the winkflash! I saw they have a promotion for 50 free prints, too, for first-time users. :D I hope cramped hand feels better soon.

  2. I had a dream of doing Christmas cards once.

    And then I woke up. In a sweat.

  3. Erin, yes I was very excited when it worked out! Enjoy!

    TeacherMommy, you crack me up! Yep, Christmas cards, it's one of the occupational obligations as a missionary:)

  4. WOW from winkfish! Great deal...and I am so sorry about your printer. That stinks.

  5. next time you buy stamps, you should get the "forever" stamps. they can be used even if the stamp prices go up :)

  6. Rebecca, we have done that, but we go through hundreds of dollars of stamps a year! With all the newsletters we send out, it's hard to buy extra for the next price increase. And they don't make a forever stamp for postcards...blahhh! But thanks for the idea!


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