Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Life of a Camp Kid

So a couple of days ago, Forrest stuck a basket on his head and said it was a helmet. He also mentioned something about needing a harness and that he was going zipping on the zip line.

Today, all his wildest dreams came true... sort of. After church, Noah constructed a zip line for him out of tree tape. For those of you unfamiliar with tree tape, here's a close up of it.

It's not sticky, it's the stuff you tie around trees to mark them for some particular reason. Around here, we use it to mark cook out and camp out sites. Not sure how a half roll of it ended up in Forrest's possession, but it's been a source of endless pretend. One day, it became a measuring tape. Today, it became a zipline.

The basket was cast off in favor of the 10 cent fireman helmet. The proper safety protocol was followed. Zipping? Zip On!

Ahhh, the life of a program kid!


  1. that is very cute. and creative.

  2. So cute! And a great idea. I'm sure he was absolutely thrilled.

  3. Oh that is funny. He really is a lucky little guy to grow up in a camp. James would give an arm to live at camp. I tell him there would be downsides, but he doesn't see any!


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