Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our Friday (or the Beginning of the End)

This weekend is the annual Northern Michigan Relief Sale.  You know, one of two big cultural, community events around here.  The other being the VIP Hardware Sale in December.

If you're new, the relief sale has all sorts of wonderful things, like a used book sale, donuts, quilts, crafts, plants, and vintage stuff.

This year, I knew I had to keep my book buying to a minimum, because we are not hauling boxes and boxes and boxes of books around the world.  I also forgot to get a babysitter for the morning.  So, with Elliot in the sling, and Forrest glued to my leg, we grabbed a few new books, and then went looking for donuts.  Which we found in abundance.  And in the soft morning light at the fairgrounds, we sat eating fresh cinnamon sugar donuts and read Noah's Ark by Peter Spier.

We also found some darling sunflowers, 5 for a dollar.  I bought 5.  I should have bought 15!  They are so fun, and we had fun bringing them to some friends around camp. And meeting a darling new baby!  But that is another story for another day.

We spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping, and reading the new books.  And going on the last hayride of the summer.

After the boys were in bed, I found my one on one girl and I I took her to the relief sale, for her to experience all the northern culture she could. On our way home, we found a whole field of sunflowers.  And I just happened to have my camera, and the light just happened to be right.  So, we parked by the side of the road, and tromped our way to the field.  So very fun!

And this morning, there was pretty big splash of fall mixed in with the morning cup of summer.  It's refreshing.  For us, those cool mornings are a reminder that things will soon calm down.  Summers aren't so lazy and peaceful for us.  But fall and winter, that's when life slows down.  Almost to a hault at times.  But right now, looking at week 9, that slowness sounds very lovely!

But we are still looking at week 9 next week, and so the sunflowers help make the day just a bit better!

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  1. How fun to go to the sale! I love the picture of Forrest reading, I can picture exactly where he is! It is so hot here we can barely breathe...autumn won't be here for at least six weeks...not that I'm rushing it, but I will be glad to say bye bye to heat rash and mosquito bites.


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