Friday, August 1, 2008

Northern Michigan Relief Sale

Every year, since anybody can remember, the first weekend in August has brought the Northern Michigan Relief Sale.

This is a huge community event. People gear up for it all year. Women spend the winter months in church basements quilting. Others hone their woodworking skills to sell. People grow house plants in their basements, clean out their attics and bookshelves to help raise money for the Mennonite World Relief fund.

The two days of activities start on Friday morning at 9 am. There is a garage and used book sale. Both of these sounded worth the trip, I can't pass up a used book sale.

So, Forrest and I headed off in what thought was good time. We got to the fair grounds around 9:30...oh my word! There were so many people there. Forrest and I got stuck at one point in the garage sale area! The jogging stroller wasn't the right baby carrying equipment...the sling would have been better!

We ran into everyone we know in town. Almost all the women from camp were there as well. I was glad, because they let us in on a few of the secrets of the Relief sale, like the freshly made donuts for $2.50 a dozen! We took advantage of that deliciousness! Noah was happy we brought some home too!

Check out all that cinnamon and sugar! Yum-my!

Our treasures...everything from a kid's book about gnats
to a C.S. Lewis edition to an encyclopedia on knitting.
All for $7! Did I mention I love used book sales!

In addition to the garage and book sales, there are several auctions, live music, a road race, bean soup suppers, and vendors selling everything; fresh produce, woodworking, fair trade arts and crafts from around the world, quilting supplies, and house plants.

What a fun bit of local culture! I am already looking forward to next year's!

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  1. that looks like a lot of fun! i love used book sales, too...looks like you got some great ones! and those donuts look yummy! glad you had a good time :)


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