Monday, March 1, 2010

An End and a Begining

We are officially done with Winter Retreats for 2010.  What a crazy 8 weeks.  Somewhere in there we went to Orientation for ten days, continued on with the ministry here and started support raising for the next phase of this journey God has us on, all while raising two little boys!

And with the end of the retreat season, we can spend some concentrated time focused on support raising for LAM.   On Friday we leave for ten days of meetings, appointments, and get together to share about where God is taking us.  Today, between the two of us we made six calls related to some aspect of support raising.  I also sent close to seven emails out today about the same thing.  This was a light day. 

Noah spent a good chunk of today gathering footage for a video he is putting together to explain more about what we will be doing in Honduras.  I organized stacks of paperwork and tried to get creative with little thank you gifts and easy make ahead desserts.  Right now, Noah is still at the office, pouring over video and sound clip.

Oh my, we are tired.  And I am really not sure how we are going to get everything done this next week.  I am certain my lists are 3 miles long.  Not an exaggeration.  So forgive me if you don't see much new here this week.  Or next for that matter.  And, as you think of us, please pray.  This next week of preparation is going to be tiring, Noah has a midterm to take, and then we head right into ten days of being "on."  We are excited to share, but a bit nervous too.  Ok, a lot nervous.  But we know this is the direction we are suppose to be heading and we are trusting that God will go before us.

Oh, and remind me sometime to tell you about making chocolate covered hazelnut coffee beans and the interestingness that is finding royalty free music with a low cheese factor.

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