Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coming Up Next...

Well, we're back, we have recuperated from the adventure, and now it's time for the big news...

We are official  LAM missionary appointees to Honduras!  Now what in the world does that mean?  Ok, well, since you asked,

What it means is we are heading to Honduras to help PIER (First Evangelical and Reformed Church) at their camp Manantial de Vida. Noah will be helping with the development of the program.  There is some exciting things in the works.  Things like helping train local pastors, working with the public schools on outdoor education, while sharing the Gospel, and developing more of Manantial de Vida's own program and facilities. 

It excites us to be joining a ministry that was started by Hondurans to reach Hondurans.  We have always wanted to come alongside the Latin American church and help them.  Not bring our own grand ideas in when they may or may not help the situation.  As Steve Johnson, the president of LAM said, "the solutions to Latin American problems are Latin Americans."  We need to come in as servants and say, "How can we help you in what you are already doing?"

This also means that we are in the support raising phase.  In order for our family to move to Honduras and be part of the ministry at Manantial de Vida, we need $5,728 a month.  This will include things like our international insurance, housing, administrative and living costs.  If 200 people gave just $1 a day, we would be at full support.  Put another way, that's just 100 people at $58 a month. We would also like to have someone praying for us and the work at Manantial de Vida every day of the month.

So we are starting to make phone calls, and write letters and set up meetings with people.  Interested in getting in on a visit?  Let us know!  We would love to talk with you, your Sunday School or small group.  Hey we'll even throw in a dessert or two!


  1. How exciting! Things are really starting to roll along! Will definitely be praying.

  2. Wowie! So happy for you guys. When do you have to leave Michigan?

  3. Thanks Kara!

    Jenney, we won't be able to book our tickets for language school until we reach about 95% of our total support through LAM. We would like to be able to start language school in January of 2011. But it's all up to God's timing, however fast He decides our support should come in. But I would guess I will see you this next summer:)

  4. wow...that is amazing! we can definitely being praying for you guys!

  5. Amanda send me a link to your blog. I'm a friend of Kara's and Amanda's in Saginaw. For the second summer in a row we will traveling to Honduras (near La Ceiba) to work at an orphanage, Casa Cielo. Perhaps we can encourage each other.

  6. Laura, how cool! Yes, I like the idea of encouraging each other! Can't wait to read more about what you guys did in Honduras!

  7. Wahoo! I'll keep on praying for you guys. This is big exciting stuff!

  8. this is so exciting! love you guys!


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