Friday, January 15, 2010

48 Hours

Or somewhere in that range anyway.  My mind has been a bit oh, bound up, maybe?  I have been having those dreams that leave you so emotionally drained when you wake up.  Think I am working through some issues?

Anyway, it's about 48 hours until Noah and I fly to Miami for our 10 day interview and orientation with the LAM.  It's been a flurry of activity around here, packing, cleaning, rearranging this, that and the other thing, errands, and trying to get our fill of the boys.  Noah came home early for lunch this week to build snow dogs with Forrest.  And my dear pixie Elliot is so very close to walking!

I have been in tears all week over the thought of leaving them for this long!  I can't decided if it's better or worse that we are leaving at 4 am and they will be in bed.  But as Noah keeps reminding me, God is calling us to this, He will take care of the boys and us.

We received the schedule for Orientation.  It's exciting to think about being around people for 10 days that have the same heart and desires for Latin America as we do.  Noah reminded me that this is the next step in the journey that God started in my heart 18 years ago. 

 When I look at this photo, I still can't believe that God told me then He wanted me somewhere other than the US.  But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He did.  And He has lead me, and then my husband and me along each step.  And this is that next step.

We are so close to being fully funded for the trip, just $264 shy of the mark!  That's just stunning to me!  Leave it to God.

We would really appreciate your prayers over the next couple of weeks.  For us, for the boys, for my parents who will be taking care of the boys. 

And I promise that I will come up something a bit more readable over the next little while, really, I will.

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  1. What a *precious* picture of you! What is that - 6th grade? I love the pearl headband, it's so sweet! And you have such a wistful look on your face! Ahh! I can't wait to hear all about your orientation trip. :)


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