Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thoughts on Cleaning

It being Thursday, my thoughts are on cleaning.  And since I needed some motivation, I thought I might as well introduce you to one my favorite cleaning friends.

Say hello to Vinegar Dawn.  This wonderful concoction will take the place of almost all your cleaning supplies.  The Dawn cuts the grease and grim and the Vinegar disinfects, cuts hard water stains and shines your sinks like nobody's business.

I keep one under the sink in the kitchen and in my cleaning basket for the bathrooms.  The recipe is 3 Tablespoons of regular Dawn to 3 cups white vinegar.  Easy, I tell ya!

Spray it on your tub and shower, hard water spots gone with a bit of wiping.  Spray some in your sinks, on your counters in kitchen and bath, wipe down, you are ready to go.  Simple as that!

And it doesn't smell all chemically, just sort of like a pickle.


  1. thanks for sharing! i've used vinegar water a lot, but never with the dawn..i will have to try that.

  2. i think annelise will ask for pickles more often if i use this concoction! :)

  3. Rach, that might have to do with the fact you live by the pickle factory! Oh I miss that smell in the summer!


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