Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Parties, Parties, and More Parties

Over the weekend, we made a trek up to the UP (Upper Penensula for those of you not from the Mitten State, although, I don't know that I have any readers not from here.  Anyway.) 

Noah's family is oringially from the UP.  Well, not really.  Oringinally they are from the Netherlands.  Then they moved to Holland, MI in the 1840's.  It wasn't until about 1905 that they moved up north, needing more land.  I remember hearing something about wanting fruit trees too.  Too bad those don't do to well in a place that has 6 months of winter.  Noah's parents moved downstate for college and then settled in Traverse City, which desipite almost 6 months of winter, is hospitable for fruit trees.  When Noah and I got married, we moved to Holland.  It's almost full circle.  And no, we are not moving to the Netherlands.

Alright, now back to this whole party business.  We had a great afternoon of being with the extended family.  The kids did very well, considering no naps, being in a different place and all. 

The shredded paper buckets with toys were by far the biggest hit with the under 4 set.  My boys were thrilled with the massive amounts of matchbox cars they received. We spent the night, everyone slept perfectly and after a not so quick stop in Gaylord for grocceries and pizza, we were home by 4 the next day. 

On Monday night, the Trading Post was the place to be!  It was the first annual Trading Post Party/Sale.  Something like the VIP Sale at the Hardware.  Complete with door prizes and Dave Douglas programing. 

Tonight is the Staff Christmas Party, Monday we will celebrate our Christmas and next weekend we will be over in Lake Ann Celebrating again!  And in just 17 days, retreats start!  


  1. Oy. It sounds like you'll need a break from your break!!

  2. Matchbox cars! My kids would've loved that!


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