Monday, December 14, 2009

Fat, Sugar, and Chocolate

I called Noah this morning and asked him to pick up three dozen eggs and a 25 pound bag of flour when he came home for lunch.  I feel like I am feeding an army and the boys aren't anywhere close to be teenagers yet.
While I needed some of that for Christmas baking, the boys are packing it away!  Now that Elliot eats eggs, when I make scrambled eggs for the four of us, I use a dozen and half!

Today is Christmas bake day.  So far I have only finished about half of everything, but when all is said and done there will be two pumpkin pies, 6 batches of cinnamon rolls, chocolate turtles, chocolate truffles, and whipped cream.


I was glad to be able to pull frozen chili out the freezer this morning, because after all that, who wants to cook dinner too?

And since a post about Christmas goodies would be so very incomplete without a recipe, here's one for the chocolate truffles.


1 package Chocolate sandwich cookies
1 package of cream cheese
Almond bark chocolate, or chocolate wafers

1.  Put all cookies in a heavy duty ziplock bag.  Smash them to smithereens, either with a rolling pin, your feet, a car wheel.  Whatever works.

2.  Mix smashed cookies with softened cream cheese.  This is made infinitely easier with a mixer, but I have done it for years without one.

3.  Scoop mix out into balls on a cookie sheet with wax paper on it. This is made infinitely easier with a cookie scoop, but again, I did it for years without one.

4. Chill balls.  The weather should work in your favor here.  I have always been able to stick mine out on the porch. However, you need to make sure squirrels don't nibble their way into your porch and eat them.

5. In your 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup, melt chocolate in microwave.  When the chocolate is melted, dip balls, making sure they are covered.  Let chocolate dry.

There you go.  Incredibly easy, and very impressive!

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  1. The truffles sound scrumpy!!

    And the squirrel story is still one of my faves. :)


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