Thursday, December 17, 2009

Confessions of a Nerd

I am a nerd.  No doubt about it.  Last night at our staff Christmas party, Forrest got the complete works of School House Rock.  Ok, that's not really what it's called, but you get the point.  I am pretty sure, since he only understood that it was a new DVD to watch, that I was more excited about it than he was.  And the complete works!  Every song!  All arranged by theme?  Amazing!

I had an old VHS copy of History rock that I watched when I was a kid and then subjected my poor history students to (I think they really did enjoy it, because I heard them singing several songs a couple of times), but as happens with VHS, it's getting a bit worse for all that wear.  So, now to have ALL of the songs, all on DVD!  Be still my heart!

I really indulged Forrest this morning.  We watched all the Science ones as well as all the Grammar.   That's about 2 days worth of TV for him.  I can't wait for him to see "I'm Just a Bill" and "Elbow Room".


  1. From one nerd to another.....I'm jealous!! That would be so cool! We check them out of the library, when they are in, but to OWN them...COOL!

  2. Oh, I loved those movies when I was in school. Probably would still love them if I had them :o)
    LOVED your Christmas card, thanks!

  3. i LOVE school house rock! i was just telling my hubby a couple weeks ago that i'd love to get the dvd for the girls!


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