Saturday, October 24, 2009

Latest Project

I am not a marathon knitter. I'm not a marathon anything, really. Especially not running. You realize, right, that the guy who ran the first marathon died upon completion? And people think this a a great activity? Died.

I digress.

I like a project I can finish in a weekend. If it takes much longer than a week, forget it. With rare exception, I loose steam, no matter how good my intentions are.

So these little socks are for me. Both of them just take a couple of evenings. And they end up oh so very cute. For those of you who care about such things, I used the basic shape from this pattern and tweaked the design, which you can't see in the photo, but is a Dutch diamond pattern. Yeah, remember that whole ethnic knitting thing?

These will be for Elliot's Birthday, which wow, is just two weeks away! How did that happen? Last year at this time, I am pretty sure I was muttering something about being so hugely pregnant and not being able to sleep. How nice that he can live on the outside now. And I can sleep on my tummy again.


  1. i can't believe elliot is almost a year old! any big party plans? hope the socks turn out well. i've tried knitting a zillion times, it never works.

  2. so fun. i love projects that don't take forever to finish, too! makes me feel like i'm actually accomplishing something.
    it's hard to believe elliot is almost a year old now!


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