Sunday, October 25, 2009

First Hair Cut

This morning, in preparation for being out and about in the World at Large this next week, the guys all needed hair cuts.

Forrest and Noah are old pros at this. Forrest knows he gets a graham cracker and he's been quite cooperative the last few times. This was the kid that needed his first hair cut at four months old and had close to 5 more before he hit the year mark.

However, this was Elliot's first time. And since he is our wiggly kid, it was quite the challenge. Just getting a before photo was frustrating enough.

You can't tell by the photos (because of all the wiggles), but the kid was sporting a mullet. And just because you live in the North Woods doesn't mean you have to look the part. It was time!

There were tears, squirming and a great, big, bear hug by dad. I think he came out of the whole ordeal with a semi decent cut. Although he has been screaming all through nap time, so maybe he hates it.

My consolation is it took almost a year before he needed a hair cut, so it might be a while before the next one.


  1. we were just commenting that levi's hair is starting to hang below his ears a bit... and do i spy a muffitt 3 hotties sweatshirt in that first picture??!? :)

  2. Yes, yes indeed you do my friend! That's funny that you noticed!

  3. Oh haircuts...oh dear haircuts. I was too chicken to do Jack's first so we went to the salon that we (used to) go to. The rest will probably be at home though. We've found a dum-dum sucker does the trick for sitting still (lasts a L O N G time) but the taking it away at the end of the haircut is always a bit traumatic.

  4. You are braver than I by far to do that yourself. I made the mistake of attempting a hair cut on DramaBoy when he was a few months old. We had to wait a couple of months to let it grow back out so we could go to the pros and have the damage repaired.


  5. I don't know what I would do without my clippers. They haved saved us hundreds of dollars I'm sure over the years.

  6. nice job! i trim my girls' bangs, but i won't do the back until they are a little older. i have taken them in to get the back trimmed up. suckers work great for them. dum dum suckers.


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