Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And He is Off!

As I type this, Noah is winging his way from Detroit to sunny, warm Miami and then on his way to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. He should arrive in Honduras around 2 pm (Central).

I just realized, while checking the weather for San Pedro Sula this morning, that I forgot to remind him to bring his rain coat. Hummm...and it's the rainy season...and Noah Hates rain! Hey, but I did remember to pack cookies for the trip.

I don't expect to hear from him while he is there. With the travel, spotty electricity and all the other fun things that come from being in a remote location in a third world country, it's just better not to expect communication during a week away.

I think this will be the longest time we haven't been able to talk, ever. Even when I lived in Bolivia we talked most nights on IM (yeah, the last 4 months of our engagement we were separated by continents.)

The original plan was for the boys and I to spend the week with my family. However, my little sister managed to pick up bacteria and viral pneumonia, and decided it would be fun to spend some time in the hospital this week. Goofy kid! Seriously though, if you think of it, please pray for her.

So the boys and I are still here at camp. And looking at the seven days without Noah is a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, we will have a car later this week. Teresa, who just moved to camp, called yesterday and said, "Wednesday I am bringing my van over for you guys to use the rest of the week. Oh, and you are coming over to play on Thursday morning, ok?" So sweet!

Well, time to get the day going. Thanks for your prayers during this big, big week for our family!


  1. Cookies v. rain coat: cookies win.

    And good luck! The whole single parenting gig, however short-lived, is a tough one. Take advantage of those friends!

  2. Yes indeed! I thought of you and how you must be super mom to do this alone!

  3. Oh, I bet Noah loved this past summer then...rain in abundance!
    We'll be praying for him. And YOU! Good luck!!!!


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