Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And They are There!

Noah was able to send an email last night to let me know they made it! They are staying in San Pedro Sula with the pastor of the church that owns Manantial de Vida. The plan is for them to stay in the city today, running errands for camp, and then tomorrow head out to camp which is near a little village called Pinalejo.

Thank you so much for your prayers! Yesterday the boys did well, we played, went for walks, saw a salamander, you know, big time excitement! Today we have Staff Fellowship, tomorrow a play date, and there is a possibility we might be able to head downstate after all for the weekend.

Well, I should take advantage of naps and quite time and get a shower in.


  1. Hooray that Noah's there safely! And that you and the little ones have some scheduled fun going on. :D

  2. glad to hear he made it safely.


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