Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Well, it's Thursday. Noah has been gone for three days and we are doing pretty well around here. I am sure that is because so many people have been praying. The boys are sleeping and eating very well. Elliot even slept from 11 pm until 8 am this morning! Who is this child? Can I keep him? Good thing too, because this mama doesn't do great on little sleep.

We are also able to head downstate tomorrow. A new staff family is letting us borrow their van, which is such a HUGE blessing! We will be at my parents' until Monday, then we will head to a friend's house in Canton, just 15 minutes from the airport. We'll be able to do some fun shopping at Ikea and then pick Noah up that night!

Speaking of Noah...have I mentioned that I HATE being apart from him? There is a reason I married the man. I enjoy spending time with him. He was able to CALL today! Which came at just the perfect time. Both Forrest and I were struggling. Forrest was trying to come up with words to tell me he was missing Daddy. And then we got to talk with him! It was so good!

Boy, this feels so disjointed, and I feel like there is some stuff brewing in my heart, stuff that God is working on, and not really sure how to put it into words at this point. Oh, and Noah has the camera, so that explains the lack of pictures. But, it's a weird week, a weird time in life. When I get some of this sorted out, I'll let you know.

For now, I need to go pack the van and get some laundry started.


  1. Enjoy IKEA for me, I've only been once, and it might have been my favorite trip to a store ever...except that was the afternoon we found out that both boys had BAD eat infections and Baby J was labled "failure to thrive"...but before the appointment we were at an IKEA and loved it!

  2. I know how you feel- I can't stand being apart from Casey for more than a day. Ugh. Noah will be back soon, can't wait to hear about his adventure.


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