Saturday, August 15, 2009


Well, the last of the campers got on the buses and left today. It was a good, full summer, but I must say, I am eager for the slower pace of the fall retreats. I am beat, and my husband is too. Forrest and Elliot are ready to be home most days. Forrest has even mentioned several times that he wants to eat at home, not in the dinning hall. I agree my dear.

To celebrate, I made a chocolate cherry cream cheese frosting cake and shrimp and pasta for dinner. After, we headed to the lake for a swim which both boys enjoyed immensely.

Noah is off for a solid week now. Last year we went to South Carolina, but this summer we are sticking a little closer to home. Early this next week we will spend a night camping here on the property and then on Thursday we are headed down to Holly to a lake house there until Sunday. We might even hit up the Toledo Zoo.

We need this week to regroup, refresh, and refocus for this next season of ministry. So glad it's here.

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