Monday, August 17, 2009

Lacking in Inspiration

I got to tell ya, I am less than inspired these days. I think it is my lack of camera. And maybe that I am trying to recover from a summer of being something of a single parent. And maybe all that canning. Did I mention the peaches seem to be

Back to the camera. I called today and it should be back to the store in a couple of days, but I still need to get to Traverse City (2 hour trip) to get it. We are going for a day in a couple of weeks, but I don't really want to wait that long. But looks like I will need to.

Moving on...
I have never owned an electric stand mixer. However, I am now considering one because the amount of things that need to be mixed around here is ever increasing. But I am at a loss on what type. Kitchen Aid has been mentioned to me quite a bit, but let's just say they are pricey. Are they worth it? Can they mix a double or triple batch of bread dough? How about pizza dough? The ones I have seen online are more than I paid for my sewing machine.

Anyway. There you utterly boring post. Sorry folks. It will get better. I promise.


  1. hey.liz I am reading your blog from my phone! yes! My phone! I have internet for a few days on it. excuse the horrib le typing. Anywho I have never done bread or dough in my kitchen ade mixer...but I love it nonetheless!

  2. I mix everything in my kitchen aid. It is the one kitchen tool that I don't think I could live without! I have even used it to mix the chocolate chips in a double batch of cookie dough which is a hard job to do by hand. I have also mixed double batches of pizza dough with no problems.

  3. Annie,

    Thanks for the advice...I did decide to go with a kitchen aid, especially since my parents offered to get me one for Christmas/birthday! So, now I just have to wait for it!


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