Friday, June 26, 2009

House, again

A while ago I posted about our house in Holland. It's for sale. It's been for sale for over 2 years now.

Here's the thing. We know God knows about it. It's His house, and ever month His money goes to pay the mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities. But it feels like such a waste to write those checks every month for a house no one is living in. As my Dad said, "this should be an asset to the Kingdom, not a drain."

We would love to sell it. Oh, to be done with it! Yes, we are going to have to come to the closing with about 10 grand to cover it, but we can pay that off fairly quickly and you don't have to mow a loan's yard, or worry about a loan's basement flooding.

But it sure doesn't look like it is going to sell anytime soon. So, Noah has decided it's time to investigate the whole renting thing. At least that would cover some of our costs each month, which would be a huge help. God is teaching us a lot about relying on only Him for money, and that He will provide. But honestly, there are a lot of big ticket items coming up that He is calling us to (more on that later) where that mortgage money could help a lot.

So, trying to tap into the power of the Internet and you know of anyone who is looking to rent in Holland, MI? It's a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house with a fenced in backyard that didn't flood in the massive Holland Flood of '09. If you do, would you send them our way? And would you be praying about this with us?


  1. Cute house! I feel your pain. Hope you're able to get it rented out, if not sold!

  2. I feel your pain too. We had a home in Ann Arbor that finally sold after 3 1/2 years. God sure used that house in our lives though!
    I pray for wisdom for your family with this home, and also a buyer. They are out there!

  3. Funny, I was just thinking of Pam and Amber, and there they are in the comment section!
    The house is really cute, I wish I knew somebody. I'll pray, too.


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