Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Isn't it cute? It's a great family house! 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, a wonderful kitchen, great fenced in backyard. Super close to downtown for all the cultural activities that Holland has to offer.

Know anyone who might be interested? Please send them our way! We no longer have friends staying in the house (they are moving to Arizona this week) and we are ready to be done with this.

Please pray with us!


  1. such a cute house!!! :) too bad i don't live in or near holland! :)
    i know you don't use fuzzibunz exclusively, but how many do you own, or would you recommend owning if you did it all the time?

  2. thanks for stopping by and entering my little giveaway. this is SUCH a cute house...but alas...we don't live in holland (is that MI?--our new pastor just came here from Holland MI)...or need a house. by the way...LOVE your ring slings from a few posts back...are you willing to share your pattern (or how you make them)...i love to sew and would love to make one for myself if we ever have another one. (don't mean to shamelessly ask for the pattern instead of saying i want to buy seriously, don't feel pressured to share if you'd prefer not to!)

  3. SUCH a small world. mark is totally our new pastor. congrats on having number 2 on the way...your first little guy is a cutie. thanks for the link to the pattern! :)

  4. SUPER cute house. If it was near Hartland, we'd check it out. We're renting and looking to buy in the next year. I will be praying for the sale. God can do it! And will in His time.

  5. yeah, i've been planning on a wetbag.... also a diaper pal liner... but just a regular trash can... do you just rinse yours out in the toilet? i've seen sprayers you can buy to attach to your toilet etc....i've been wondering if it was worth the buy...
    i've been thinking about 24-30 bumgenius.... we are planning on pretty much using them exclusively...i wish we didn't need so many, but right at the beginning, iknow you go through a lot....i particularly like that they are one size... i've been looking at fuzzi bunz and i guess the new versions are MUCH bigger than the old... the smalls don't even fit newborns.. i've read a lot of complaints about the fuzzibunz leaking, so that's why i've been leaning towards these bumgenius ones.

    that's where we are at right now with all of that.... oh and.. mike is now deterimed that we will make our own sling! :) we have limited sewing ability, but he has convinced himself he can do it! :)

  6. Cute house! I'll be praying with you! Thanks for praying for us and our condo!


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