Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Room

This "weekend" (read Monday), Noah and I finally got around to painting Forrest's new room. That meant that I could decorate it this morning. Forrest is now sleeping in his new room.

It was funny as Noah and I talked about what needed to be done, I said it had to be decorated before he moved in because it was just too ugly before...I couldn't think of putting a kid in such an ugly room.

We still need to change the overhead light fixture and touch up the trim paint, but other than that, I think we are set. Oh, I am on the look out for a blue bean bag chair.


  1. ya gotta love the wood everything at camp! :)

  2. MAJOR nesting! I'm so impressed. It looks great though.
    How much longer until your due? I have a few rooms here that could use some touching up :)

  3. very cute! you guys did a nice job!


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