Monday, June 29, 2009

Politics, Coffee, and Solitude

I don't like to get political on this blog. I feel like there is enough in life that divides people, they don't need to start hating me because I disagree with them on this, that or the other thing that really truly doesn't matter.

But there is a lot going on Honduras right now. Some have called it a coup, some are saying it's the government functioning as it should. Without getting too political here, it seems to us that it's the latter rather than the former. Here's a decent article about it BBC. But either way, pray for the country. It's in turmoil, and often times that leads to people not thinking clearly. Individuals are smart, people en mass are stupid and usually do stupid things.

Here is an email we got yesterday from a couple who are near San Pedro Sula, in the north. (I know that was a lot of hyperlinks. Sorry, now you know what my students had to deal with all those years!) (Oh, and what my poor children will have to deal with. Pray for them now.)

The president of Honduras has been doing things and commanding others to do things that are against the Honduran law and Constitution for the last few months. The Supreme Court of Honduras ruled these actions unconstitutional. His goal has been to change the Constitution to allow him to stay in office another term, and he has openly admitted this. The General of the Armed Forces, the Supreme Court, The Vice President, Congress, and all top officials(of Honduras) we are aware of are in support of the action taken “against” the president. This morning, the president was arrested. The Associated Press, the BBC and other news sources are reporting it as a military coup, though we don’t really agree with that. Our perspective, after investigating as much as possible, is that the government is following the Constitution and basically impeaching the president.

Of course, we don’t have all the information, but we do not see the government acting out of line. But, of course, we don’t see everything. It seems to us that the whole government is trying to follow the Constitution and the President is not. If you understand this better than we do – especially those who live here, Lisa, Alfredo, Dorian… please let us know.

This is how we are praying:

- Pray for the people in small towns like Pinalejo. There are a few people in support of the president here, but most are against. People here take politics very seriously and there is the possibility of violence against those they disagree with. Pray for peace.

- Pray for the Supreme Court to make wise choices in support of the Constitution. Pray for peace.

- Pray for the President of Congress, who would be the one to take charge if the President remains detained. Perhaps we are misunderstanding his motives and HE is trying to take over. Pray for peace.

- Pray for us to have wisdom about how all of this may affect us. Jen is here on camp with us, and we have plenty of food to last a good while. J And our garden is producing. J We are just waiting to see what happens.

Here is another article from another missionary in Honduras. It's a bit long and in depth, but it's good. Read it. And pray. Despite what Simon and Garfunkel say, no man is an island. As John Donne said,

"All mankind is of one author, and is one volume; when one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language; and every chapter must be so translated...As therefore the bell that rings to a sermon, calls not upon the preacher only, but upon the congregation to come: so this bell calls us all: but how much more me, who am brought so near the door by this sickness....No man is an island, entire of itself...any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." (Meditation XVII)

Ok, let's move on to something else, shall we? Just for fun, guess where I am right now? You are not going to guess right, so I will tell you. I am at McDonald's in Mio, BY MYSELF! (See, you were wondering how I could write such a long, intellectual post with so many references and hyperlinks about topics other than toys, flowers, or food. Now you know. I can have more than one thought at a time.)

I left this morning with just the computer, a book, and not a single diaper or graham cracker. Mama needed a few hours of solitude, and since the closest thing we have to coffee house around here is Micky D's, that's where I wound up. The coffee is ok, the music, tolerable (forgot my headphones), but the solitude is delightful! I left around 7:30 so I don't waste a lot of Noah at Home time today. It is very nice not to be interrupted in normal correspondence and writing by a request to play Little People, Roads, or to be nursed. Not that I don't like all those things. Ok, Little People is getting old, but I know all you mama's get what I am saying.

So, for a few hours, I can be Liz more than Mama. Which we all need every so often so we can be better Mama.


  1. i love you! first, because you're such a great mom. good enough to know when you need a few hours to recharge. i've had days like that. two, because you write such inspiring things like this. i don't really know a whole lot about honduras, but the passion you exude while writing about it makes me want to know more!

    thanks for being "liz" for a little while today instead of "mom." although, i'm sure there's part of you missing those boys already.

  2. 10 weeks??? wow! that is a marathon!

    We just started week 3 of campers, out of 6. I'm stuck in the office this week. ugh

    Are you guys having a great summer so far?

  3. I didn't know about the situation in Honduras until I saw your post. From what I've since read elsewhere, I would agree that it seems that that country's Supreme Court and military are trying very hard to stick to the law. Plus, my personal shortcut way of viewing news in that part of the world is to desire the opposite of whatever position Chavez and Castro take.

    Found this article that was interesting, "Honduras Defends Its Democracy":

    Regardless, possibly a scary time to be in that country right now.

  4. Rach, thanks for your kind words...and yes, when I got home, I was glad to see them all!

    Deena, Summer has been going well. Noah is doing a lot more with the program this year, not being such a rookie and all.

    Dave, thanks for the link. I find it interesting that the US secretary of state agrees with Chavez and Castro in this situation. Latin American politics can be so murky and difficult to understand! You know, so unlike our domestic mess:)

  5. Agreed on the time alone = better mama bit, but it's so hard to come by...

  6. hey liz. i emailed dick watterson today. (stacy's dad) and talked with him a bit about what was going on since they were missionaries there for so long. i have a couple emails that i thought you'd like to read, but can't find your email address..

    also.. thanks for the tips on food. i know i'm making it a much bigger deal than i need to be... all in good time.


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