Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

Yesterday was 95. I talked with my friend who lives in Phoenix and she said it was 111 there. Ok, first off, people aren't suppose to live in the desert, and I don't think that just because it was 111 there that makes 95 cool. Anyway, I digress.

Trying to stay cool became something of an obsession around here. Praise God I didn't have to cook, thanks Kieth! We went on a fan hunt that spanned 2 towns and about 20 miles. Finally find one at a decent price in Mio. Had ice cream, smoothies, and all manner of cold drinks. And the big excitement of the day, we got the sprinkler out for the first time. We spent the whole afternoon out in it. Forrest really enjoyed it, which honestly, I was kind of surprised about. He has this way of not liking things the first few times he tries them. Elliot is a completely different kid. He was startled by the water, but never cried or fussed. It was more like, "Hey, this is pretty interesting. I need to figure this out!"

Here's a bit of the fun. Sorry for the low quality. There is only so much our internet can handle.

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  1. LOVE.IT.

    I think my favorite part was when Forrest watered Elliot. :)

    I also liked the part where Noah bent down to show him how to go under and Forrest walked over and bent down as well. Too hilarious. :)

    You have cute kids.


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