Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dear Fountain Pen

You are amazing. Your red exterior is just the right color. Your nib, such a fine, slender point. How I long to write with you. To sign letters with a flourish, to write out detailed lists in style. What a great gift you are!

However, I am having a problem with your lack of interest in ink. Listen, in order to do all those wonderful things, things that fountain pens are made to do, you need to drink some ink. I have tried everything I know, and yet you refuse. You can't grow up to be a big, strong, experienced fountain pen unless you drink the stuff. Oh I understand. You don't think it tastes very good. Yeah, it's an acquired thing. But you can't acquire a taste for something unless you keep tasting it.

This is getting old, and I am getting frustrated. If you don't drink your ink, I will be forced to put you in time out, and use one of the other not so romantic or exciting pens I have sitting around.


A Pen Lover


  1. Better shape up fountain pen! I think she means business and noone likes to get replaced.

  2. come on little fountain pen..
    work for your mama!!

    i've been thinking about your home in holland.. did it get flooded?


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