Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An Uncollection

  • After a long ride on Sunday, the boys and I made it home. It was time. Forrest had been talking about Daddy for three days. It's good to be home, back in the routine, all in our own beds.

  • However, I notices that my flowers weren't quite the same as when I left. Upon further observation, I noticed that those little green bugs that I thought were so cute upon first glance were only on the plants missing flowers and bugs. Uggg! I did some research on line, and decided to start with warm soapy water...it seemed to do the trick of getting rid of the bugs. Now we just have to wait for the flowers to grow. Oh, I really wanted to have flowers this year...

  • One of my dear friends is here for several days! Hurray! What a treat to have while we are in the throws of the summer season.

  • It was Elliot's first Ambush tonight. And it just goes to show how different kids are. Forrest gets nervous when the kids all race across the ball field. Elliot, got all excited, flapping his arms and legs around and "squawking talking."

  • Forrest was thrilled with it all tonight. He was copying EVERYTHING Noah did. So very funny. Oh, and he is very into these frog boots Buela got him.

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