Sunday, June 21, 2009

Supper on the Ballfield

Every Saturday night we have Supper on the Ballfield. Basically, we have supper picnic style, complete with music from the fun cart, and the kids get to goof around until it's time for one of the best Ambushes ever (I know, like anyone can even know that Napoleon), Tug of War.

The tribes compete in a tug of war tournament, all while being sprayed with the fire hose from one of our trucks. Such fun!

This is becoming Forrest's favorite meal of the week. He talks about it incessantly. Last night was no exception. And he got a popsicle. I think that is only like the second one he has ever had.

We are ending our days completely cover in dirt, grime, popsicle mess, and whatever else finds its way onto us. Summer is great!


  1. i spy with my little eye a grape push up icee thing that makes my stomach cringe thinking about how many of those i've eaten... blech.

  2. I LOVED Saturday suppers on the ballfield as a camper, and counselor. The best night of Junior camp hands down.
    Our days are pretty sticky and dirty too. Baths every night. :) Enjoy the rest of summer!

  3. Is there any point to cleaning our bathtubs these days? Every night there is a brown ring that surprisingly makes me smile. :) I love that Annelise is old enough to play outside, get dirty, and of course - snuggle up to me with her curly wet hair, freshly lotioned skin and a bottle of milk before bed. Ending my summer days like this could last forever. :)


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