Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day at our house. Noah worked until about 11:30 last night, so today is full of hammocks, reading, playing with the boys and eating great food.

We got him a hammock for Father's Day. Oh, yes, we have one, several different kinds actually. But the thing is, they all don't accomplish the goal of being up all the time, just waiting to cradle you. This one does. Noah loves it. I must say, it is nice.

Our neighbor brought us a gift of Fillet Mignon several days ago. I was stunned! Not knowing how to cook it, I called our chef friend in Arizona and managed to wake him up. Stinking time change. He gave me some great ideas, but how does one pan sear something and then finish it in the oven? Enter YouTube. Wonderful invention. Here's what I attempted. Turned out pretty well.

We also had some great salads, but wouldn't you know, I forgot to get a photo of it.

After the meal, both boys were awake, so we decided a trip to the lake was in order. What a great day for a swim! Some of our neighbors were down there as well, which always adds to the fun. This was Elliot's first time and he loved it! Oh my, he is going to be a handful. What do I mean going to be, he is. The child wants to move all the time. He was trying to crawl in the water. A bit scary if you ask mom.

Now it's time for a movie, some Moose Tracks ice cream and hopeful a full night's sleep.

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  1. sounds like a great way to spend father's day. love the hammock! and the dinner looks delicious!


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