Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I finally have a hose. We don't have a water spigot on our side of the house, but our neighbors graciously let us use theirs. I picked up a hose last time I was in the big city and now I can hose things down to my heart's content. I may not be Dutch, but I do love to wash the streets. Today I spent a good chunk of nap time hosing out the cracks in the deck, spray bird poo off the chairs and cleaning out a incredibly gross garbage can.

While I was doing that, a Marine was mowing my yard. This man was literally in Afghanistan three weeks ago. When he stopped to move my husband's hammock, I told him thank you for mowing our yard.

You know what he said? "It's my pleasure to serve you guys. I wish I could do more." What?!? Do more?

So humbling.

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