Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Coming

The sun is shinning, the birds are singing. One baby is in bed, asleep, and the other is playing quietly. Ahhhhh.

Quite a lot going on around here lately. From now until November, we will have overnight guests on the property every night. Right now it's a group of retirees planting flowers, raking, fixing, staining, painting. This weekend it will be retreaters for Mother Daugther and a Men's retreat. Next weekend is a big one...Memorial Day Family Camp. I won't be teaching this year, because I am on maternity leave (for a whole year!) This place will be alive with people.

The day the Family Campers leave, summer staff starts to arrive. I think the official count down to Workshop is at 13 days! That is just plain craziness. Needless to say, everyone is buzzing around, trying to get this, that, and the other thing done in the next few days.

Last night, needing some quiet work, I started a new project.

I bought the yarn at Christmas time, because I had a gift card, it was on sale, and it was simply begging for me to take it home. I don't know if I have mentioned, but wool is one of my favorite fabrics. So earthy and chunky and hearty. I felt like my brain was a little clearer when I went to bed last night.

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